OK Company Paintball

OK Company is proud to celebrate nearly 10 years of scenario paintball. We are close knit community of operators that have fought every battle the NW has to offer.


Magfed Paintball
OKC has returned to our pure 'woodsball' roots with huge investment in MFOG's. We firmly believe MagFed is the future of this sport and we're jazzed about to seeding it's growth in the Northwest.


Introducing the Ox, OK Company's tank constructed and operated by Eddie 'Phantom'. Featuring a 360 motorized top tourrete with dual SP1's, the Ox is responsible for mowing down waves of clowns at SG. We call it like an airstrike over baofeng. Many times our squad(s) are pinned down somewhere. We be all like, *BEEDOOP* "Eddie we need you at the sticks". We have to hold out maybe 5, 10 more minutes until we see columns of players running for their lives. We go from being pinned to moving up and taking ground -THE OX: game changer.


Woodsball Tactical
Woodsball tactical... basically speedball guns in the woods. If you're going to win most scenarios these days, you need g6rs, vics, gteks, spaceguns. We've done it for so long now I think most of us are ready to return to our roots, limited ammo, magfed, pump. Expect to see us at all the big events though, SG is around the corner.